Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleepy Sunday!

Today has been a very sleepy day in our house, Hubby left for work at 7am like always and LO stayed in bed till 8am. I brought him into our bed and gave him his milk and dry cereal and I curled back up and fell back asleep while he watched spongebob! Boy what would i do with out the cartoons he loves? LOL. He woke me up maybe 45 mins later needing to go potty! He went and as did I, and we both just layed there in bed and watched tv. We both went back to sleep around 1pm and woke up around 3pm. ( I love sleepy days) Again awake we eat some lunch/dinner and just spend time together! He now has mommy and daddys room destroyed from playing with my shoes, and his toys! It is now almost 8pm and Daddy just walked in the door, Almost bedtime for LO. Daddy gets the honor of giving him a bath and putting him to bed tonight because I have been battling a PMS headache ALL day! :( 
 The Joys of womanhood! haha. Oh well! Hopefully in the next year we can TTC again and I wont have to worry about BC or PMS for awhile! Thats another reason I want another baby. And I am looking forward to a VBAC and Breastfeeding a baby again.! Is it bad that I constantly think about another baby because i want to breastfeed again!? I just miss it so much! If i could relactate now I would but Hubby wants me on BC so it makes it impossible to get my full supply going again!. 
Also. I have a question for you all: Is it okay to start Breastfeeding your LO #1 again after LO#2 is born? Has anyone ever done this and succeeded? Tandum breastfeed a (going to be almost 3 if we try again soon) and a newborn? After not breastfeeding the LO#1 for almost 2 years? 


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Jen and Andy Scaggs said...

I've never tried it myself, but from what I understand, usually the older kids don't remember how after so long. Sometimes they may ask to try, and it's fine to let them try if that's ok with you, but usually they don't remember how. They might get upset that they don't remember how, or just laugh about it. Good luck!

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