Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleepy Sunday!

Today has been a very sleepy day in our house, Hubby left for work at 7am like always and LO stayed in bed till 8am. I brought him into our bed and gave him his milk and dry cereal and I curled back up and fell back asleep while he watched spongebob! Boy what would i do with out the cartoons he loves? LOL. He woke me up maybe 45 mins later needing to go potty! He went and as did I, and we both just layed there in bed and watched tv. We both went back to sleep around 1pm and woke up around 3pm. ( I love sleepy days) Again awake we eat some lunch/dinner and just spend time together! He now has mommy and daddys room destroyed from playing with my shoes, and his toys! It is now almost 8pm and Daddy just walked in the door, Almost bedtime for LO. Daddy gets the honor of giving him a bath and putting him to bed tonight because I have been battling a PMS headache ALL day! :( 
 The Joys of womanhood! haha. Oh well! Hopefully in the next year we can TTC again and I wont have to worry about BC or PMS for awhile! Thats another reason I want another baby. And I am looking forward to a VBAC and Breastfeeding a baby again.! Is it bad that I constantly think about another baby because i want to breastfeed again!? I just miss it so much! If i could relactate now I would but Hubby wants me on BC so it makes it impossible to get my full supply going again!. 
Also. I have a question for you all: Is it okay to start Breastfeeding your LO #1 again after LO#2 is born? Has anyone ever done this and succeeded? Tandum breastfeed a (going to be almost 3 if we try again soon) and a newborn? After not breastfeeding the LO#1 for almost 2 years? 


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mami And Papis Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I found this great site called Mami's & Papi's that has some awesome family morals and amazing customer service and best of all Free shipping ANYWHERE! Mami's & Papi's is a christian family, Papi is an active duty member of the USA military and Mami is a WAHM of 3 (maybe 4 kids soon)!   I contacted Mami's & Papi's to see if they were willing to sponsor a giveaway and they said yes. They have so graciously offered $10 store credit to one lucky person! Now I don't know about you but that $10 would be great toward a purchase of a diaper, some Rockin Green soap or so many other things that they carry in their shop!

A little about the family:
 We are a truly blessed husband and wife team raising three wonderful children.  "Papi" is a 13 year active duty member of our amazing United States Military. He was raised in San Antonio, Texas and joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school. He is an AMAZING father and faithful, loving husband
"Mami" is the glue that holds the whole thing from falling apart. She was raised a little of everywhere but her home is Mayfield, Kentucky. She's a "farm" girl who knows the value of hard work and dedication. After high school, college, and working outside the home she knew that all she wanted to be was a mother and a great wife!!  
A little about the store:
Why start "Mami's & Papi's" ?
"Papi" was recently injured during military training and it "shook up" the reality that we needed to be financially secure and ready for the future. Military retirement is less than seven years away and we want to prepare NOW. We wanted to create something we love and believe in and that we could pass to our children.  We also wanted to create a job that would allow "Papi" to work daily with his injury. Our love for Eco-friendly items, frugalness, and family led us to create  "Mami's & Papi's" cloth diapering resource & MORE. 
Our children... Allysium (8), Antonio (4), and Alejandro (3 months) are our reason for setting long term goals. We want them to learn the value of hard work and respect for others. 
We are a christian family, military family, and hard-working family!  We hope "Mami's & Papi's shows this in every way. Our website is very simple and we have chosen it to be this way. Instead of paying for graphics and "fancy" we are using that money to bring in more inventory and keep prices low. We know families do not have a lot of time with working, school, and other daily activities. We want you to be able to find what you need, get the resources to make great choices, and have an easy purchase transaction. 
We may not be "flashy" but we will give you our very best customer service and use our time the wisest way possible.
We hope you come back and send your family and friends our way.
With much appreciation...........
Mami & Papi
 Some Brands they carry Include:
  • BabyKicks 
  • BabyLegs
  • Bebe Au Lait 
  • Bluebery
  • BumGenius
  • Bumis
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • Flip
  • Fuzzi Bunz
  • Happy Heinys 
  • Itzy Ritzy
  • Katydid
  • Kushies
  • Lulu's in the fluff 
  • Moby
  • Nap Nanny
  • Organic Caboose
  • Pink Daisy 
  • Rockin Green
  • Rumparooz
  • Sustainablebabyish
  • TotsBots/Bummis
Now dont get discouraged if you dont see something you like/want/need! Because they will gladly order it just for you! Now what other store do you know that will do that and still have free shipping? 
This is what makes Mami's & Papi's different from all the rest!
 Do you work in the Military? 
Do you work as a Firefighter? 
Do you work as a Police Officer? 
Well guess what? Because you do you get a 10% discount on every and all orders made at Mami's & Papi's Because of the amazing service you do! Thank you for your hard work!
Please submit a scanned copy of your military ID and/or proof of police or firefighter employment to or  Please remove or mark out your social security numbers. You can also mail this information to:
"Mami's & Papi's"
c/o Frank or Candace Laguna
616 South 7th Street
Mayfield, KY 42066
Upon reciept of this information we will add the permanent discount to your account. No need to put a code in or search the web for discount numbers. It is there and it will always be available to you. Upon expiration of your ID please resubmit. 
They also have a Loyalty program that gives you 5% back when you shop and you can add it all up to use at your disposal! (You dont have to be Military/Police/Firefighter for this)
Win It!
Mandatory Entry:
Follow Me on Google Friend Connect (I will verify) and Tell me what you will pick if you win!
Its that easy! Just leave your email addy in the comment so that i can contact you. If I have to search for a email i will choose another winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen.
Now what would a Giveaway be without 
  1. Like me on Facebook
  2. Like Mami's & Papi's On  Facebook And tell them i sent you
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Follow Mami's & Papi's on GFC 
  5. Share on facebook. 
  6. Tweet any random tweet using @LovinMySillyBug , #ClothDiapers #WIN 
The winner will be chosen via on 9/8/10 and announced. Please note that all my statements about this company are my own and I was given no compensation to speak about this company. You can read my disclosure Policy here. I Love to review items and If you would like me to do so just ask. I will not say no! :) 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Past week

This past week has been nothing but STRESS! I am very down right now because I found out that I may not be starting college this fall due to some communication errors with the school on deadlines! I am very upset because i feel like i deserve this because i stay at home with my darling son, don't get me wrong i LOVE it and i LOVE my son but i never get mommy time and I feel like i need my mommy time. Unlike many I want my mommy time to be bettering my education! Unfortunately I lack the the $1200 dollars to start until my financial aid kicks in, in 2 weeks! They will refund me the money once the financial aid does get finished processing, and if i cant get the money which there's NO way possible that i will come up with that kind of money as a SAHM, I can wait and take the late start classes but there is no guarantee that there will be any openings. This is the cause for my stress and slight depression. On a better note I always have my son to brighten my days! Any advice from you mamas who struggle with going back to school and or getting your mommy "Me" time? Because I know I do! Thanks for letting me rant! I really needed it!
My favorite 2 men in my life!


Super Undies Giveaway on Liz has a life

So who wouldnt wanna win some super undies? I know i would! Wanna know how? check out Liz Has A Life and find out what you have to do to enter! Such a great giveaway! Well why are you still here? Go Now enter before you cant! LOL


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Winner of the Baltic amber Necklace is.....

Chany said... Entered your Rockin Green giveaway. #1 
 Chany you have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen! Congrats on your win! I am emailing you now!

Also please remember that if you would like to purchace anything from the shop you can do the following to save with a discount code!

TO SAVE 20% on an order with us, join us by clicking the "Like" button toward the top of our "Wall" tab.

TO SAVE 25%, join us by clicking the "Like" button + use the "Suggest to Friends" link near the top left of this "Wall" tab to suggest this page to your Facebook friends.

The discount code is entered/applied during checkout, and the discount is given off of prices on our website -

The codes to use once you have completed the criteria above -

To save 20%: FB20
To save 25%: FB25

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rockin Green Pail Freshner winners are.......


The 3am Cloth Diaper Mama said... like RnG on facebook!
 Chany said...
Jen and Andy Scaggs said... Blog post 4 of 5 

Im emailing all the winners. They have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen!
Please remember all winners are chosen via and winning once does not mean you cant win again! So enter enter enter because you never know who will come up! Thanks for having as much fun as i did with this! And a special thanks to Kim at Rockin Green for offering her great products!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been Sick and The new addition to our world

So My son and myself have been sick this past week and a half and Let me tell you, it has sucked. He had to go to his Nana's till i got the energy to care for him like he needed to be taken care of. We are both still sick with a runny and stuffy nose which trying to catch him to wipe away the boogies is oh so much fun! Now his poor Nana is sick with the same thing we had. So now she is getting the R&R she needs.
                                              My Handsome Little Man 19 months old Tomorrow!
                                              Me and my Little man in our Babyhawk!

On a better note My friend Tara and her partner had their baby yesterday! She is beautiful! 6 days over due but beautiful! 
Introducing to the world:
Olivia Marie B.
8/11/2010 8:08pm
7lbs 3oz
Welcomed by Tara and Brendan
Mama and baby are all doing well and going home tomorrow! I sure cant wait to get to visit but unfortunately because I'm sick I wont be able to go until I'm all better! I cant wait to have another LO! I think we are going to wait awhile though. At least until our 3 year anniversary in March! :D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review and Giveaway

I contacted Rachel From Inspired by Finn and asked to review one of her Baltic Amber necklaces for my terrible Migraines, I had bought one from a not so reputable dealer and I had given up on getting my Migraines to subside. I had heard so much about Inspired By Finn I had to find out for myself and Im glad to say that is has helped. I have been wearing the necklace she sent me for about 3 weeks and only 1 headache. And that was due to not eating. I Love the style and colors of the necklace sent to me. The other one I had, had darker beads and it is a known fact that the darker beads dont work as well as the lighter ones. 

I have nothing bad to say about this necklace! My son also has one for his teething and let me tell you he is a whole different baby! He is working on cutting 4 molars with little to no pain or fussiness.  

This is My Necklace! I LOVE IT! And its so cute right? I went from having Migraines several times a day to just the one in 3 weeks! Now that is saying something! Now please remember Baltic amber doesnt work for everyone so your results may vary!

Here's a little info about Baltic amber from Inspired By Finn's Site:
Our Baltic Amber jewelry is a unique piece of history…The amber beads are fossils from an ancient forest which existed tens of millions of years ago.

Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin.
Historically, Baltic Amber has been used in Europe as a natural and traditional remedy and curative for many ailments for centuries. Long ago it was considered one of the leading ‘medicines’ of its time. Baltic Amber is the most esteemed amber in the world, and the healing qualities of Baltic Amber make it unlike any other type of amber found in the world.
When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin.
Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of Succinic Acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways.

How can baltic amber help us?
Baltic amber contains analgesic properties and helps take the edge off of many types of discomfort associated with dental issues, headaches, joint pain, etc.
  • Strengthens the body's immune system -
In many different and subtle ways, succinic acid helps boost the body's own natural healing ability and immune system.
  • Restoring Energy –
The human body naturally produces succinic acid. The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is one of the most active substances in the processes of cellular respiration and intercellular energy creation. Succinic acid restores oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells and helps the body return to a normal, functioning state.
Succinate is a raw material and a catalyst in the Krebs Cycle which is one of our main sources of energy. During the Krebs Cycle carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are metabolized for energy.
  • Maintaining Wellness -
When the human body reacts to stress, the body’s cells begin to use oxygen more quickly. Oxygen plays a central role in the intercellular creation of energy, and a lack of oxygen can result in feeling lethargic.
Oxygen is alkaline-forming in the blood and maintaining a slightly alkaline blood ph helps keep us healthy. Whenever the body functions in a state of low oxygen, it is much more susceptible to illness.
  • To help break a cycle of (chronic) inflammation -
Where chronic inflammation is present, disease lurks.
When the body’s cells are chronically inflamed the human body’s immune system response is to increase production of free radicals. Chronic overproduction of free radicals results in inflammatory-related disease. Chronic inflammation is a common denominator of many seemingly unrelated diseases.
While wearing a piece or two of baltic amber jewelry may not cure all that may ail you, it has been a proven benefit to many!

           BUY ONE:
Baltic Amber Necklaces At Inspired By Finn are priced from $15.75 and up depending upon the price! Rachel is also allowing you to get 20% - 25% off your purchase of anything in her shop! But before you use the codes please do the following 
TO SAVE 20% on an order with us, join us by clicking the "Like" button toward the top of our "Wall" tab.

TO SAVE 25%, join us by clicking the "Like" button + use the "Suggest to Friends" link near the top left of this "Wall" tab to suggest this page to your Facebook friends.

The discount code is entered/applied during checkout, and the discount is given off of prices on our website -

The codes to use once you have completed the criteria above -

To save 20%: FB20
To save 25%: FB25
 Please only use the codes if you have done the requirements. Honor system please.
                                                                                                                                            Rachel has agreed to giveaway a 16 inch or smaller necklace that is in stock, how awesome is that?
Now to The Entries! 

Mandatory Entry: 
Follow me on GFC and Like Me on facebook
(Mandatory Entry must be compleated first before any extras are done) 
Please leave a separate entry for each extra entry and leave an email address in your comments so i can contact you if you win. If I cant find an email I will chose a different winner. Winners are chosen via and will have 48 hours to reply to my email with shipping addy and if you dont respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. 
Now that all the fine print is out of the way.....

  1. Like Inspired By Finn on Facebook  (1 Entry)
  2. Follow me on Twitter (1 Entry)
  3. Enter My RnG Giveaway (3 Entry)
  4. Blog about the giveaway (5 Entry)
  5. Share on facebook (3 Entry)
  6.  Create a unique tweet (Unlimited Once per hour please)  (1 Entry)
  7. Tweet you can use the one below (Again, Unlimited just space out an hour in between)           (1 Entry)
    #WIN a Baltic Amber Necklace from Inspired By Finn @LovinMySillyBug #Giveaway Ends 8/16/10
     Create a unique tweet (Again Once per hour please) 
Giveaway ENDS 8/16/10 at midnight, winner will be chosen via and announced on 8/17/10 on facebook, blog and notified by email. Winners have 48 hours from the first contact to respond and claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

I was provided a complimentary product for review, I was not paid in any way shape or form for this review, All opinions and statements are my own. For more information you can visit my 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rockin Green Shake It Up Pail Freshner Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

I contacted the amazing Kim from Rockin Green and asked to review some of her pail freshener since I already use her soap and I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it, I wanted to try the pail freshener because we dont own a "Pail" for our dirties just a laundry basket. Things can get really stinkie since we cant wash every other day like we used to, we are down to once a week or maybe twice a week, Since my darling MIL sold the washer and dryer we now have to use other family members washers and dryers till we can get money to buy a set. :( BOO 
Well anyways I have been using the pail freshener for about 2 weeks and I am happy to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it just like the Laundry soap! Yet ANOTHER great product from the AMAZING Kimberly! I cant wait to see what other concoctions she is going to have in the future! This also helps for our wetbag that we travel with! We went to the zoo and had no stinkies! Yay

I was sent the Lavender Mint Revival and it smells divine! I can only imagine how great the others smell. We went from some HORRIBLE smells at laundry time because they sat for so long but now we have no smell after them sitting for days. I will continue to buy the shake it up in the future, even though I wont need to for a long while because the bottle is to big! Which is another plus! 

Here is a little info about the pail freshener from the site:
Does your diaper pail or wetbag smell like....a diaper pail? Then freshen things up the Rockin' Green way with our all natural pail freshner. You get 8 ounces of freshner in our ultra-cool shaker bottle. Just sprinkle a little in the pail when things start to get "grungy."
Best of all- it works great in conjunction with the Rockin' Green detergent, so use both to keep your diapers and home smelling AMAZING!

Likes: Everything, The scent, the size, how well it works! I Love this product and the company, Need i say more? 

Dislikes: The only thing I dislike about the product i received was the mail man didnt handle it well and part of the plastic lid cracked! Not to much to dislike! 

Rating: 100 out of 10!!! Seriously! 

                                                           BUY IT!
Buy one, or two or three! Either way you NEED this product. You can find it here: Pail Freshner

                                                           WIN IT!
OR you could WIN one! Who wouldnt want to win something right? I have said it before and I will continue to say it, The amazing Kimbery has allowed me to give away not 1, not 2 but 3 pail freshners to 3 winners of the winners choice! Please leave email addy in comment if i cant contact you, you wont know you won! And please a seperate comment per entry otherwise you wont have the higher chances of winning!

Now as for entries!

Follow Me on Google Friend Connect and Visit Rockin Green's Page and tell me what scent you will chose! 
Who wants EXTRA entries? Mandatory entry MUST be compleated BEFORE any extras are done. I will be checking.

1)Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)
2)Like me on facebook  (1 entry)
3)Like Rockin Green on facebook  (1 entry)
4)Follow Rockin Green on Twitter (1 entry)
5)Tweet about the giveaway you can use this (1 entry) 

#WIN some RnG Shake it up pail freshner @LovinMySillyBug and @rockingreensoap #Clothdiapers Ends 8/13 #giveaway
(Unlimited but Once per hour please and leave a link so i can check)

6)Create a Unique tweet of your own just inculue @LovinMySillyBug, @rockingreensoap #Clothdiapers #Giveaway #WIN
(Unlimited just space out an hour in between)

7)Blog about the giveaway and leave a link so i can check it out (5 entries)

8)Share on facebook (1 entry)

9)Get your friends to follow and enter and make sure they say who sent them in the comment and also you say in your comments who you sent over!  (3 entries)

I will be posting a few suprise extra entries on my facebook page so make sure you check it out to find out how.

Giveaway ENDS 8/13/10 at midnight, winner will be chosen via and announced on 8/14/10 on facebook, blog and notified by email. Winners have 48 hours from the first contact to respond and claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

I was provided a complimentary product for review, I was not paid in any way shape or form for this review, All opinions and statements are my own. For more information you can visit my Disclosure Policy.


Disclosure Policy

 Our family loves cloth diapers and anything WAHM or any baby amd family related products, and are willing to review any product you offer. We Love to do Reviews and Giveaways and are willing to do any review for you all you have to do is ask. I'm looking forward to working with you and your company, business, or store!!! You can contact me about Reviews or just General questions at
CrunchyAPCDBWSAHM11309 at gmail dot com

This policy is valid from 01 August 2010

 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact  CrunchyAPCDBWSAHM11309 at

 This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. However, we will and do accept and keep free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations.

 The owner(s) of this blog will never receive compensation in any way from this blog.

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 This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to

Giveaway held off for 1 more day!

Sorry everyone but i have to hold off on posting the giveaways till i clarify something with the owners. Thanks for understanding!
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