Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rocky The Zombie T-Shirt Review & $15 E-Gift Card Giveaway

OMG okay, SO what can I say about Rocky The Zombie? In a nutshell? IM IN LOVE! 
I found this awesome company on facebook and fell in love. Their products seriously speak to you! They make your mood known to everyone. If you are just in a sassy mood and want to look awesome at the same time this is the place for you! They make shirts and Jackets for all ages! I have never seen a more outspoken way to wear clothes in my life! So adorable yet funky. I will be getting more items soon. But for now let me tell you a bit more about the company! 

Rocky The Zombie is owned by Riannon and is based in Portsmouth, England. 
Started under a different name in 2003/2004 she started with painting a shirt. Can you say crafty? 
Riannon makes these items in her spare room in her home. I think it so awesome how someone can just get an idea and go with it. Not many people succeed. She did. And very well at it may I add. 

I have gotten so many compliments about our shirt and so many ask, where did you get that? So I give them the site. They check it out and they buy. Its so awesome that I know I help support her through getting just one of her items and getting such a response from my friends and family! 
So what shirt did I get? Let me show you! 

We got this one! The Zombie Pirate! 
It fits Bugs Rawr personality so well! 
I love this shot. He is so pouty because mama wont stop taking pictures! :) 
Show me your belly button!

 After lunch at the Olive Garden! :) 
At the Pumpkin Festival! 

All in all we love this shirt. Everytime we go somewhere I let him pick what shirt he wants to wear, Guess which one he picks? Yup our RockyTheZombie shirt! 

Our rating? 10 out of 10! 
There is nothing we dont love about this shirt or company! 
Great lady to work with and an absolutely amazing product! 

Riannon has agreed to give ONE lucky reader a $15 credit towards anything in her shop
So who wants to win it? I know I cant wait to buy something else from her! My next item will be a jacket for Bug. They are so adorable! And with winter fast approaching we will need it for sure! :) 

The Giveaway. 
One person will receive a code worth $15 to use in her etsy shop. 
The Rules: Im changing it up. Making this easier for everyone. Mandatory entry will now be to.....
Like me on facebook AND comment saying that you do! Every giveaway you enter from now on you must comment saying that you like me otherwise I cannot allow you to enter. Sorry. But those are the rules. 

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#WIN a $15 Giftcard to RockyTheZombie from @LovinMySillyBug #Giveaway ENDS 12/9/10

I was provided a free item for my review. I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my opinions and they are just that. Please note your experience may vary. For more information please check out my disclosure policy. Thank you Riannon for allowing me to try one of your items! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

FluffaLumps Wool Dryer Ball Review & Giveaway

I found this company through a flash giveaway awhile back and I had never even heard of a dryer ball before. I was like, UM.... What the heck is this? So I did my research and contacted 
FluffaLumps Wool Dryer Balls & More, and asked if they would like a review done on their products, They graciouslly said YES and they would like me to review their new scents. They were all unscented prior and they were still in the testing phases of scents. They asked me why scent I would like out of the ones they had and I chose the one called "Bite Me" because that is just my attitude sometimes LOL. 
But let me tell you something when I checked my mail and opened that door on it I about fell INTO the mail box just to soak up every single drop of that scent!!!! It was supurb. Even DH said he liked the way it smelt. 
That alone says it all! So I opened the package and they had sent me 4 dryer balls, 2 for me and 2 for one lucky reader! Even though im still so temped to keep them other 2 for myself bwahahaha Im addicted to Balls, Dryer balls! The winner is getting 2 UNscented wool dryer balls. 

These are my balls above! I got one Black and One Dark purple! Great colors for balls huh? LOL

These will be the winners BALLS! Haha I love saying balls! :) 
You get one yellowish gold and one orangeish red! Unscented. AKA Butt Naked! 

Now for usage, Within 2 days I got to try out these suckers! And I have to say I am super Impressed! 
Now let me say this, For us, Doing laundry at my MIL's ONCE a week, our diapers usually take 2 full cycles in the dryer to get completely dry. With just these 2 balls, We were dry in 1 cycle! Same goes for my other 4 loads of laundry that needed to get done! Towels were dry in 15 mins, Jeans 30 mins and everything else 45mins. That makes a HUGE difference when you have to sit at someone elses house and use their washer and dryer. It is NO fun sitting for 5 hours waiting on Laundry to get done. I will be the first to admit that. It down right stinks. But them balls not only made the laundry smell better but was super fast at drying our stuff! 
I can not wait to get more. I am putting these on my christmas list this year! LOL. Seriously If anyone wants to get me something get me some wool dryer balls from FluffaLumps!

I did a double cycle on our towels just so they could absorb that awesome scent even more, I love it. now DH was not happy to be drying off with a fruity flowerbed so to speak because to me thats what it smells like. But Me, Im the one that takes extra time to dry off and relax after a nice hot shower. So I enjoyed smelling the towel while drying off. YES I sniffed my towel! Hahaha. :) 
I think I have fallen in love again. 
The first time I fell in love was when I met DH
The second time I fell in love was with Bug
The third time I fell in love was with Cloth diapers
The fourth time I fell in love was with FluffaLumps Dryer Balls! 
Does that about sum it up for you? 

My rating: 100 out of 100! 
One of the best things I have ever used! 

Buy it:
You can buy dryer balls from FluffaLumps for $7-$8 dollars for a single dryer ball Or $27 for a set of 4 in your choice of color and scent! They also sell them in 2's and 3's. 

Win it:
One person has the chance to win the 2 Unscented dryer balls pictured above. 

Mandatory Entry:
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And leave you email address so that you can be contacted. If I have to search for your email I will pick another winner! And I dont wanna have to do that!

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I was provided a free product for review, All statements are my opinion, I was not compensated in any other way for my opinion It is just that. Your experience may vary! For more info please read my Disclosure policy!
Thank you. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Bloggers Emily Patterson and Kathleen Thomas on Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education – The Best Time For Bilingual Learning

While no one knows how long this current economic trend will continue, if it does, our children will grow up to enter a workforce in which the competition for decent-paying jobs will be nothing short of cut-throat. It goes without saying that a good education is one of the best ways to prepare that child for the future and that a lot of things they learn now can only help them.

The Bilingual Future

Almost from the beginning, the U.S. has been a land of immigrants, and while the "melting pot" has been an interesting theory, it has not happened in practice. On the contrary, most major U.S. population centers have become more of an ethnic and linguistic checkerboard; Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese speakers represent some of the fastest-growing segments of the immigrant U.S. population. A bilingual future is the direction that our nation is going in, where bilingual ability may not only be advantage to have, but a necessity.

Getting Ready

In traditional teaching, children are taught a second language starting in middle school, or even high school.  However research has shown that this teaching can begin at their child care facilities.  Studies prove that the optimal period in a child's life for multilingual education is during the preschool years – at exactly the same time they are learning their first language. Yes, it is possible to learn a second and third language later in life, but it is more difficult, because that neurological "window of opportunity" – when the brain is most malleable – has passed.

Professor of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Fred Genessee, states it's as easy for young children to learn two or three languages as it is for them to learn one. He's not alone; educators throughout the world (in countries that often have two or even three official languages) have understood this for decades.

The way a child should learn a second language is by actually speaking it in a total immersion environment. You may recall an episode of the animated series The Simpsons in which young Bart gets trapped on a farm in France – and by the end of the episode, finds he's actually speaking the language. While this was a fictional scenario, the phenomenon is real; anyone who has taken young children abroad to stay with relatives in a foreign country for any length of time has observed this happening.

Co-written by Emily Patterson and Kathleen Thomas
Emily and Kathleen are Communications Coordinators for the network of Texas child care  facilities belonging to the AdvancED® accredited family of Primrose child care schools.  Primrose Schools are located in 16 states throughout the U.S. and are dedicated to delivering progressive, early childhood, Balanced Learning® curriculum throughout their preschools.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bumbledoo Mama Pad Review and $5 Gift Card Giveaway

I contacted bumbledoo to see if she would like a review done on one of her products, She agreed and I paid $2.00 for shipping to receive my mama pad. Once it came in the mail I knew this pad was unlike all others I own! Don't get me wrong I love ALL my mama cloth but I have to say that this is the softest I have ever used. 
The stitching on it is superb! I have never felt something so soft! Even softer than some diapers I've gotten! 

When it came time for use, That's a whole different story, The absorbency on it is awesome,  
I love that it pulls away the wetness unlike others I have tried. I have a very light flow since I stopped taking birth control and the one pad lasted all day. I have never had a pad that will last me all day. I will be buying more of these in the future! Once we decide to have another baby which will hopefully be soon I will be getting more products from bumbledoo, like their Nursing Pads, Nursing Covers, Cloth diapers, Training pants, and so much more! If I am this satisfied with one single item from them I can only imagine how awesome the others are! This pad is one of the first ones I reach for when my TOM comes. I cant wait to get more! You will really love these pads as well! 

On the fence about cloth pads? Think its nasty or hard to care for? Its really not I promise. I keep a bucket by the toilet with cold water until wash day. Never use hot water because it can and will cause staining and setting. This is the case with all blood. Not just menstrual blood. 
Want to know why you have such bad cramps and pains while on your TOM? 
All those chemicals in tampons and disposable pads are being put into your body and those chemicals are what causes the cramps among other things! I am so glad I made the switch! 

Buy Something:
Go to Bumbledoo shop and buy something!

Bumbledoo has offered up one lucky person
 $5.00 store credit for you to put towards anything in her shop! 

Mandatory Entry
Follow my blog on GFC
AND COMMENT saying that you do! :)

Please remember one separate comment per entry, Each extra entry is worth one entry unless otherwise stated. Please leave a way for me to contact you in each comment. If I have to search for your contact info I will pick another winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or however I contact you.

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I was provided a free product for review, I did pay for shipping of this item, I was not paid in any way for my opinions on this review and they are just that, My opinions. Your experience may vary. 
For more info please read my disclosure policy.

Strawesome Winner!

Lynn Wilson said...

like strawsome on facebook

Congrats Lynn, I am contacting you now! Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen! 

WiggyRoll Winner!

Leslie said...

I like WiggyRoll on Facebook

I am contacting the winner right now, They have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen! 
Thanks to all who entered! I will be buying another one of these blankets when we have another baby for sure! :) 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strawesome Review & Giveaway

I found this company through facebook, I saw it and thought, Well thats nifty! It was something I had never see before! I have been doing my part and been "Going Green" since my son was born almost 2 years ago. But this was something totally different! Its was a company that made none other than,......
I thought to my self REALLY? LOL this is crazy. So I browsed their site and read more about the company and I was sold! I didnt know what all goes into the plastic straws that are handed out at fast food restaurants and high end restaurants. I did my math, (which im terrible at for the record) and I calculated how many plastic straws I used in the past 6 month. Just myself. No one else. I figured it to be over a good 1,000 straws that ended up where else? The TRASH! We eat out alot and get a TON of drinks on the go. 
I decided I was over throwing so much away. It was then that I contacted this super neat company and asked to try one of their straws to see if it was right for me, I recieved my package within a week and the day it got here I was sold.
 The sleek design, The cool colors, The perfection of the glass. 
It was seriously mesmerizing! LOL. 
I now use this straw everytime I go out to eat, go to the movies, go to a fast food place, It stays in my purse 24/7! It is super easy to clean and store. I wrap mine in a small cloth to keep it clean until im ready to use it. 
I get so many funny looks when I use it but Im okay with that when I know I'm saving thousands of plastic straws from the landfills! How awesome is that? I plan to buy more when we have our home and a safe place to put them. I wouldnt want them to get lost or broken! 
BUT WAIT.....Wanna know something super awesome? If you EVER break your straw, 
They will replace it for free! There is a lifelong warranty against breakage! Now that is customer service! 

About the company from their site:
Detroit, Mich.  (April 21, 2010) – If the “best things in life are free,” the next best may be ideas that are born from people’s passions.  For Daedra Surowiec, a Michigan mom of two young boys, it means creating a new business, Strawesome, that allows her to care for her children at home, use her artistic gifts, help the environment, and supplement the family’s income.

Surowiec launched Strawesome in March 2009 to sell reusable glass drinking straws that are both durable and stylish with creative, fun designs.  Hand crafted by Surowiec from clear or colored borosilicate glass, each drinking straw is guaranteed against breakage.  

According to Surowiec, reasons for using glass straws, over plastic, include the reduced impact on landfills, and glass will not leach toxins into drinks.

We create the world's most unique reusable drinking straws. All our designs are fun, fresh and creative – and they’re all limited edition. If you like a particular design, get it while you can! Once it's gone, it's gone.
Whether you’re on the go during a hectic day, dining with your family or relaxing with a smoothie on the front porch, we have a reusable drinking straw to fit your needs. We offer a wide variety of designs, ranging from the simple elegance of our plain, delicately bent straws to the handmade beauty of our decorative straws. We even have special styles just for kids, so please take a few minutes to browse our catalog.

Our reusable drinking straws are durable and stylish – and they can help you express your commitment to your family and the environment. Hand-crafted from borosilicate glass, each of our drinking straws is guaranteed against breakage; moreover, glass straws won’t leach toxins into your drinks or pile up in overtaxed landfills. We also guarantee your complete satisfaction – that means if you don’t love your straw, simply return it to us for a full refund.

Now I would post a picture of my straw but my darling son lost it and I have to find it. :( But here are some pictures from their site. 
This is one of the decorative straws. This is what mine looks like kinda but with a redish cream color. 
None of the straws are ever the same because they are handmade. So if you see one you LOVE, Take it right then and there because you will never see another like it! I cant wait to get more of these Strawesome Straws!  
Cocktail straws! Now I want one of these! :) They are so sleek and stylish. How would you like to go to a night club or bar and have your own straw to sip on your favorite cocktail? I know I do! 
This is a Kids set of straws. It think its amazing they make stuff for the kiddos. 
This is an awesome Smoothie straw. Its wider for thicker drinks to go through so its perfect for you home made smoothies or floats. 

Buy it:
You can buy one of these cool straws in price ranging from $8.00 each on up. Depending upon what kind you get. Strawesome Store

Wanna Win One?
Strawesome has offered my readers an 8inch decorative regular straw. 

Mandatory Entry, 
All I ask from you is that you follow my blog! 
Please remember a SEPARATE comment per extra entry. 
Please leave your email address in each comment so I can contact you if you win!

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#WIN a Strawesome Straw from @LovinMySillyBug #GIVEAWAY ENDS 11/10/10

I was provided a complementarity item for this review. I was not provided any other compensation for my review. All opinions stated in this review are just that, My opinion, your experience may vary. For more info please check out my Disclosure Policy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

WiggyRoll Review & Giveaway!

I found this great company call The WiggyRoll, They make these awesome blankets that attach to your carseat so you never forget your babys blanket! Now how cool is that? I know we always forget Bugs blanket and he goes crazy without it! 
So I contacted The WiggyRoll Company and asked if I could review one of their really cool blankets, 
They generously offered one in my choice of color/print!
So I checked out the site and I choose the Dino Print!
How cute? I know, We love it! Its made of a durable 100% anti-pill fleece, material so its super soft!
This is one of the softest blankets I have ever felt. Even the really cute store bought blankets. 

A little about the company:
The WiggyRoll Company was started by a family that had normal first time parent issues, Needing a blanket while out and about with their newborn baby and all those baby blankets guess where they were? At home not doing them any good in the cold weather. Does that sound familiar? I know it does with us. There have been many instances where we have needed a blanket and had forgotten every single one at home! Our son like the family behind this awesome company's son was born in January, It was super cold the year he was born and the Winter here in Florida lasted so much longer than normal and it was cold from November until April or May. I wish we had had this blanket then. 

Here is a little from the site:
The WiggyRoll first came to mind due to a basic necessity: the need for a baby blanket that was with us all the time and was convenient to carry.
My husband and I had been married for 3 years before our son Ryan was born. He was born at the end of January, so due to the colder weather, a baby blanket was a must everywhere we went. However, like most new parents, my husband and I were often so bombarded and overwhelmed with other tasks and things to remember, that the baby blanket was easily overlooked. It never failed, my husband and I would be out and about, and would ask each other if we packed the blanket. After digging through the diaper bag and tearing the car apart we would come to the realization that we had forgotten it. Now what? We would be scrambling to find a way to keep our new bundle of joy warm, and despite our creative and endless efforts, we continued to be frustrated, and find ourselves in the same position on a regular basis. We had received several blankets before Ryan was born from baby showers, family members, and the like. However, despite the great number of cutesy, comfy, and trendy blankets we received, they were never where they needed to be; out with us!!
After several episodes of running into this same issue time and time again, we decided that we needed to create a blanket that would be with us all the time, regardless of where we were, or how fast we ran out of the house that day. We also wanted to ensure that the blanket wouldn't drag on the ground and get dirty because it was hanging too low from the infant carrier. Whether in the car, the stroller, or a shopping cart, Ryan was in his carrier the majority of the time, so we thought it only made sense to design a blanket that we could safely and conveniently attach to the carrier. This way, there was no excuse for not having a blanket with us at all times.
After a couple months of different designs, and much thought, the WiggyRoll was born!

They also have a really cute baby hat called the SnailCap! It is a super cute and comes in 4 adorable colors! The concept behind their Snail Caps are like most others but are different in the fact that they grow with your child, They have give room so that they will fit longer than the other baby hats!
You can buy A SnailCap for $6.49 before shipping!

Here is OUR WiggyRoll that we got!
A close up of the print! 
So our views of this blanket? We Love it. Bug loves it.
Rating? 10 out of 10!!!

This blanket has saved us from being without a blanket several times. I cant get over how cute this thing is and how super soft it is. Thank you WiggyRoll for such a unique and useful product! 
Buy It:
You can purchase a WiggyRoll from their site HERE for $29.95 
OR you can buy the SnailCap and  the WiggyRoll together for $31.95 right now. 
I tell you right now this is so worth the price!
I will be buying a few for a few friends once I have the money!

The Giveaway!
The WiggyRoll Co. Has offered one of my lucky readers a WiggyRoll in their choice of print or color. 
How sweet is that!? So How do you get one? Complete the Mandatory Entry, Thats It. 
Unless of coarse your one who loves the extra entries? 
But remember Mandatory entry MUST MUST MUST be completed FIRST. I will check and verify before i approve your entry! 
Mandatory Entry: 
All I ask is you follow me on GFC Thats it. 

Extra entries:
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And try again.)
Follow me on twitter
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You can use the following:
#WIN a WiggyRoll from @LovinMySillyBug #GIVEAWAY ENDS 11/8/10

This giveaway ends 11/8/10
The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. I will find every way possible to contact the winner. I was provided a complemtary item to review, I was not paid or compensated in any other way for my review. Everything I wrote is my opinion, I was not paid to say anything good or bad about this company and all opinions are just that, Your experience may vary!
Please check out my disclosure policy for more info!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CowPatties Cloth Diaper Winner IS.....

       Chany   said...
Entered your Boogie Wipes giveaway. #2 
Congrats Chany I am emailing you now, You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks to all who entered! 
More giveaways to come in the next day or so! 
They include
Wiggy Roll
Rocky The Zombie
And a few others :)

Winner Of the Boogie Wipes Giveaway IS.......

Stephanie-jean Life:SemiCrunchy
said... tweeted

It wont let me upload the pic of but i will post it to my facebook page

I will be emailing the winner, They will have 48hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen! Thanks so much! :)

Pitterpat on facebook

Want to find some really neat items for you baby? Go check out Pitterpat on facebook! She has some really sweet items, Oh and did i mention GIVEAWAYS? Right now? A pail liner and some dryer balls. Go now! Go enter for your chance! You know you want to! Why are you still here? Go! LOL

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My BabyWearing Story

I got my first carrier when Bug was 3 months old, It was a blue Moby Wrap, It saved me many many times when things needed to get done and But didnt want to be put down. I hear "Oh your spoiling your baby" my response every time? "No Im Loving my baby, Im giving him my love and affection something all mothers should do instead of complaints of spoiling a baby." 
Babywearing has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a first time mother. It has shown me a whole new way of loving my child. It has given us a close bond that we had to give up when I had to stop breastfeeding. There is no greater Joy than seeing my baby happy and comfortable in the baby carrier.
 Bug is now almost 21 months old and He still loves to be carried, I have let a good friend of mine borrow our Moby and we had an awesome friend allow us to borrow her BabyHawk Mai Tie. Logan Loves being carried. Always has and always will. I dont know what I would do without our baby carriers. Yes we have a stroller, but we very rarely use it. It is so much of a hassle to load and unload something so big and heavy just to take your child with you somewhere. Why not just plop them in a babycarrier and go about your business. It is safe, when you do it the RIGHT way. All those carriers they sell at walmart and target, yes they work but are no where near and safe as a wrap or a soft structured carrier. As long as you read the instructions you will be fine. The problem alot of people have with baby carriers saying they arent safe is because they dont know how to use them or just dont wanna learn how to use them.
Look how happy he is in the Back carry! He is so comfy and I wouldnt have it any other way! This Baby Hawk is my  favorite carrier. My next investment is going to be a Ergobaby! :) I love trying new carriers, It is just as addicting as cloth diapers! LOL. I have an awesome mama sending me a Ringsling for a review here soon, Cant wait to try that! All in all, I LOVE baby carriers!
I love telling other soon to be mamas about them and I love showing them the ropes!
Here is Bug in the front carry! Can you see the smirk on his face? 
He stole my sunglasses, I told him I would take them if he didnt put them on, so what did he do? Put them on! LOL. Gotta love kids! 
So have you thought about babywearing lately?
 Where is the oddest place you have worn your baby? 
How long have you worn your baby at one time?
Please feel free to comment and tell me your experience with babywearing. 

We are going to Disney yet again in 10 days and we are going for the Not So Scary Halloween party
where the kids can go trick or treating in their costumes. We will not be bringing a stroller, Only our baby carrier, My sister will be bringing a stroller and we can use that only to carry snacks and the diaper bag. 
I cant wait to carry him around disney in the BabyHawk! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience with babywearing. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A great new cloth diaper store! Bippy Diapers!

Bippy Diapers
So I was searching on Craigslist for cloth diapers for cheap and came across this awesome mama who had just opened an online cloth diaper shop in my hometown. She is a local mama to me which made me super excited to want to shop at her store! Unfortunately I have not yet had the honor to buy anything since you all know I have no job BUT when I do have the money I WILL be buying something from her store to help support a local mama! I think its awesome that so many of y'all mamas have the strength and support to own and run your own store!

Anyways I just wanted to let y'all know, There is a new store on the block that sells Cloth Diapers and accessories! 
A little of what she has is
Bum Genius
Lil Joeys
Happy Heinys
Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent
Diaper Sprayers
Whamies Wet bags & Pail Liners
And a few other little things!

About Lora, The Brains behind the Bippy
She is a WAHM with 2 under 2, One Girl, One Boy
She got tired of working for others and decided it was time to do things herself! Now that's a strong Mama! :)
She is very close to my home. She is actually 5 minutes from our old apartment! How crazy is that? We were that close and didn't even know it! 
I have not had the honor to meet her personally because I still don't have a car but I do plan to one day meet this awesome Mama! 
She does free shipping on orders over $50
and also gives a 10% discount for her facebook likers! 

If she doesn't have something that you want you can ask her to try and special order it just for you! 

Please go check out her awesome store and buy something! 
Tell her that I sent you her way also! 
I'm am not receiving any compensation for anything I say here. All opinions are my own, your experience may differ, hopefully for the better, because as of right now my experience thus far has been awesome and Im not even a paying customer YET! 

I Hope you enjoy her store as much as I love drooling over them RAR's! :) 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 
Ive never done one of these wordless wednesdays, But here goes nothing! :)

My darling bug passed out with scout while waiting for laundry to dry to go home! 
It was a very long night but he decided to be nice to mommy and sleep till 10am instead of the normal 7am! Yay for sleep lol. :) 

I am also thinking about doing a Mr Linky follow me linky/giveaway linky. 
I need help with a blog button also! Any help will be awesome. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

CowPattiesClothDiaper Review & Giveaway

I found Megs a few months ago when she was looking for testers for her new minkee diapers, I got to try one and fell in LOVE! This Mama is AWESOME. So I contacted her to see if she would like to do a review for one of her other diapers, She agreed and sent me a FPF (Famous Pocket Fitted) It was so adorable! 
After it was prepped, we tried it out!
 Prepping for her inserts can take up to 10 full washes to get to max absorbency.
We love this diaper for overnight, We use it with out White Elephants wool cover. 
Normally we use a goodmama fitted for overnight and Bug is soaked by morning, He has also learned how to take off snap diapers BTW! I found that out this morning when i woke up to a naked baby! LOL
When Bug wakes up with the FPF he is not wet at all on the outside.
This diaper is pretty much bullet proof! This is one of my favorite diapers and I will continue to buy from Megs! When we have another baby I guarantee that we will be buying diapers from her and using the diapers we already have from her. This diaper has gone thru alot already so far with toddler poo, Im sure it will hold up to a few more kiddos! ;)
I cant wait to try other products from her line.There is just so much to choose from that its just so hard on what to try next! Thanks so much Megs I have fallen in LOVE with this diaper! :)
This diaper is probably the best I have in my stash right now.
Did I mention how CUTE this diaper is? 
I love the Zoo theme on this diaper! 
The fit of this diaper on Bug is superb! There are so many great features of this diaper its hard to list them all! 
Lets try!
  • Soft fabric
  • Awesome prints
  • Perfect Elastic tightness
  • Great Selection of fabric Choices for inner and outers
  • Great sizing for all babies
My Rating? 10 out of 10
Dislikes? I would love to have the side straps just a tad bit longer on both sides, Bug has big hips that he gets from his daddy! :) Other than that, this diaper is perfect for us! 

Bug wearing his new diaper while brushing a bouncing ball! How cute right? 
Look at that cute butt! :) None other that the awesome
Cow Patties Cloth Diapers!
Heres the Front on him! 
You can see the side straps are a tad short, 
Snappi's still work though so its all good! 

Buy It!
You can custom order any FPF from Megs on facebook and email her at 
Cowpattiescloth at gmail dot com
The order form or how to order can be found in the disscussion part of her facebook page but to make it easy CLICK HERE for the easy link to it! :)

Pricing for all diapers:
Sized Diapers: $12.00
One Size: $14.00
Famous Pocket Fitteds: $18.00
Diapers with Minky Inner & Outer: $16.00
Covers: $12.00 for Sized covers
$14.00 for OneSized Covers

So the fun part!!!
Megs has to agreed to giveaway ONE Famous Pocket Fitted to One very lucky reader. 

Mandatory Entry:
Follow me on Google Friend Connect & Like CowPattiesClothDiapers on facebook!
Please remember One separate entry per Extra Entry! 

Extra Entries:
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Tweet up to 4 times a day, 1 Hour in between each please! 1 per tweet
You can use this:
#WIN A FPF from @LovinMySillyBug and CowPatties Cloth diapers #Clothdiapers #Giveaway ENDS 10/15/10 
Blog about the giveaway, Share the link where its posted 5 comments
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I am also accepting ideas for a button so if you wanna help please email me:
CrunchyAPCDBWSAHM11309 at gmail dot com

All entries will be checked, Please leave your email addy in each comment so i can contact you if you win. 
All winners are given 48 hours to respond, If no response a new winner will be chosen. I will try all ways to contact you that i possibly can. 

I was given a complementary item for review, This did not effect my thoughts and opinions of this diaper, company or any other aspects about this diaper. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this review! For any more info please check out my Disclosure Policy .

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another great giveaway from The Not So Secret Confessions of a New Mom

A Thirsties Duo Wrap and prefold is up for grab with very low entries right now over at The not so secret confessions's blog! Go check it out! Good luck. I hear these are awesome diapers! :)

The Not So Secret Confessions's Blog

Rockin Green Giveaway at Not So Secret Confessions of a first time mom

Want to win some Rockin Green soap? You all know how much I LOVE this soap. It is my addiction! LOL. Well you and I both have a chance to wins some! :) So go enter and try to win it! But if you win you have to share with me hahaha! Just kidding but i will be SO jealous of you and your laundry! :)
Check out Not so secret confessions blog

Goodluck! :)

BOOGIE WIPES! Review & Giveaway!

Do you have a Baby or Toddler that is sick, runny nose, sneezing or just a boogie kid? 
This company here is for you! Boogie wipes are amazing! I know my little Bug gets a yucky nose when he cries and he thinks is funny to try to blow snot all over the place! These things have helped a ton in the past week and a half! Bug knows that if he does something wrong he goes to the corner for 1 minute each time. Yes he cries but only for that minute. By that time he has Boogies everywhere. He stays in the corner until I tell him to come out and at that time he comes and gives me hugs and kisses to say sorry mama!
I use the Boogie wipes to clean his face and nose, He even likes to do it himself! 
Go figure thats a toddler for you right?
I never hit Bug. My corner method works amazing. He is getting so good at listening!

Anyways These Boogie wipes come in several different scents, We were sent Great Grape. 
It is very mild but smells so sweet. 
The other scents the have are:
Simply Unscented,Fresh Scent & Magic Menthol.

They also have these great things called Boogies on the Go which are individually wrapped boogie wipes. You can see the Boogies on the go in the pic above.
They have them in all scents. They sent me 3 of each of the Magic Menthol, Fresh Scent and Great Grape. They all smell devine! 
I have never found anything that works so well on messy noses, Theses things are top notch nose wipes.
 Baby wipes? Tissues? 
They are a think of the past! Seriously I will never buy another type of nose wipes again!
These wipes do more than wipe away boogies, When used reguralrly they help prevent dry chapped noses. Even my peditrician recommended using them on Bug.

Boogie wipes are made from a formula that dissolves mucus, Moisturizes with chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe. 
They are hypoallergenic, Gentle and safe for all ages! 

A little about the company from the site:
Often referred to as The Boogie Moms®, friends Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens developed the first ever saline nose wipe called Boogie Wipes® as a solution for their kids’ sore, red, runny noses.  Using the idea, their business backgrounds and mompreneurial spirit they formed Little Busy Bodies, Inc in May, 2007.  After an intensive research and development process, hiring a chemist, surveying consumers and interviewing manufacturers, in December, 2007 they sold their first pack of Boogie Wipes.  Sales went on to reach $1 Million their first year of business.  Little Busy Bodies now operates out of Beaverton, OR and employs 12 full-time employees (9 moms) including Julie as CEO and Mindee as CMO. The company tripled their revenue in 2009 at $3.4 Million. They now offer 11 saline nose wipe products to 50,000 retail stores across the US and Canada including; Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens & Toys”R”Us. Their adult line of nose wipes, Achooz, will launch this spring.

My rating? 10 out of 20!
Likes: Everything, they smell great, They are natural, soft and chemical free!
Dislikes? They are disposable. You know me I love everything reusable! If they made just a solution that i can add to my cloth wipes I would buy just the solution! 

They have a special going on right now also! Buy any 3 packs of Boogie wipes and you get this guy free! Just print out THIS form and glue the UPCs to it and send it in!

Want a coupon off your purchase? 
Of corase you do! So If you Join the Boogie Bunch you can get a $0.50 off 
Plus other perks of free sample and other deals delivered to your inbox.

Boogie Wipes 30ct packs are $3.99

Okay so here is the fun part
Tamena from Boogie wipes is giving one lucky reader 2 30count packs of the amazing Boogie wipes in your choice of scent! How awesome is that? Yay! 
Mandatory Entry:
Follow my Blog via GFC and Like Boogie wipes on Facebook.
Thats it. Remember This mandatory entry must be compleated before any extra entries are accepted. I will check all entries before being approved.
Please leave a seprate comment for every extra entry you choose to do.

Extra Entries:
Like me on facebook
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Tweet about the giveaway 4x's a day only please, You can create your own or use this (Leave a link)
#WIN 2 30ct packs of Boogie Wipes from @BoogieMom & @LovinMySillyBug #Giveaway ends 10/15/10
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Share the giveaway on facebook (Unlimited just once per day) Leave a link
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I will randomly add more extra entries so keep an eye out everywhere! :) 

This giveaway end 10/8/10  EXTENDED UNTIL 10/15/10
I was provided a free product for review, this did not effect my opinion what so ever about this company or product. All opinions are my own truthful thoughts. 
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