Monday, September 13, 2010

White Elephants Wool Soaker Review!

 I contacted Lynn from White Elephants and asked to review one of her Wool soakers, She agreed and I sent her Logans measurments and I paid $3 to have her ship it to me! I fell in LOVE with this cover from the time the package got opened. I couldnt wait to put it on Logan's bottom! :) It was so soft and wasn't like anything I had ever tried. We used it that night over our Goodmama fitted. We woke up that morning with NO leaks! I was sold. We have been using very old and worn thirsties and blueberry plastic covers. They leave red marks on Logan so i really wanted to find something that would stop the red marks. This did just that. No red marks. Its not too tight and not too loose. 
If you have ever wanted to venture into wool covers but was too scared because you thought it was complicated, Think again! With White Elephants It is super easy! You need to Lanolize them yes BUT its not as hard as you would think! I promise! It only needs to be done once a month depending upon how often you use the cover! I have had my 1 for 2 weeks and have used it every other day so its needing the lanolin now. LOL. 
Its not hard from what i have heard you just take a dab of the lanolin cream that they sell at walmart or target, YES the breastfeeding nipple cream stuff, you take it and melt it in hot water and put it in a bowl and let it soak for an hour and then hang outside to dry!
You do NOT want to squeeze, Twist or ring your wool as it can loose its shape and not fit right anymore. You can also wash with baby wash in between each Lanolin that you do. Yes it will take longer to dry because you can not throw it in the dryer but it is worth the wait and expense of wool. 
Now onto expenses you can spend anywhere from $15 to $50plus for wool! Luckily another added bonus to the amazing White Elephants is her wool soakers only cost $18 per soaker! Now thats a steal! 

Rating: 10 out of 10! Seriously this product is my Favorite item in our stash. I plan to buy more as soon as my Swagbucks comes in LOL. 

Buy it! White Elephants! 
These are the best prices you will find around! Plus remember you are supporting a MOM! Not just another Big booming chain store!

Lyn also makes other amazing products too! 
Heres a few other amazing products she makes that i cant wait to try! 
Fleece soaker
These are just a few! She makes some great products. 

Now go check her out and buy something! :) The stuff is to cute to resist!

Look at the cute wool bum! 
And the cute feet! :)
I love that its not too bulky 
AND it can be used in place of shorts! :) 
He loves our new wool! 
Cant ya tell!? He said More more! 

Fine Print. 
I was given a item at no cost, just shipping. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything good or bad about this company. 

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