Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been Sick and The new addition to our world

So My son and myself have been sick this past week and a half and Let me tell you, it has sucked. He had to go to his Nana's till i got the energy to care for him like he needed to be taken care of. We are both still sick with a runny and stuffy nose which trying to catch him to wipe away the boogies is oh so much fun! Now his poor Nana is sick with the same thing we had. So now she is getting the R&R she needs.
                                              My Handsome Little Man 19 months old Tomorrow!
                                              Me and my Little man in our Babyhawk!

On a better note My friend Tara and her partner had their baby yesterday! She is beautiful! 6 days over due but beautiful! 
Introducing to the world:
Olivia Marie B.
8/11/2010 8:08pm
7lbs 3oz
Welcomed by Tara and Brendan
Mama and baby are all doing well and going home tomorrow! I sure cant wait to get to visit but unfortunately because I'm sick I wont be able to go until I'm all better! I cant wait to have another LO! I think we are going to wait awhile though. At least until our 3 year anniversary in March! :D

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