Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Past week

This past week has been nothing but STRESS! I am very down right now because I found out that I may not be starting college this fall due to some communication errors with the school on deadlines! I am very upset because i feel like i deserve this because i stay at home with my darling son, don't get me wrong i LOVE it and i LOVE my son but i never get mommy time and I feel like i need my mommy time. Unlike many I want my mommy time to be bettering my education! Unfortunately I lack the the $1200 dollars to start until my financial aid kicks in, in 2 weeks! They will refund me the money once the financial aid does get finished processing, and if i cant get the money which there's NO way possible that i will come up with that kind of money as a SAHM, I can wait and take the late start classes but there is no guarantee that there will be any openings. This is the cause for my stress and slight depression. On a better note I always have my son to brighten my days! Any advice from you mamas who struggle with going back to school and or getting your mommy "Me" time? Because I know I do! Thanks for letting me rant! I really needed it!
My favorite 2 men in my life!


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