Sunday, October 3, 2010

My BabyWearing Story

I got my first carrier when Bug was 3 months old, It was a blue Moby Wrap, It saved me many many times when things needed to get done and But didnt want to be put down. I hear "Oh your spoiling your baby" my response every time? "No Im Loving my baby, Im giving him my love and affection something all mothers should do instead of complaints of spoiling a baby." 
Babywearing has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a first time mother. It has shown me a whole new way of loving my child. It has given us a close bond that we had to give up when I had to stop breastfeeding. There is no greater Joy than seeing my baby happy and comfortable in the baby carrier.
 Bug is now almost 21 months old and He still loves to be carried, I have let a good friend of mine borrow our Moby and we had an awesome friend allow us to borrow her BabyHawk Mai Tie. Logan Loves being carried. Always has and always will. I dont know what I would do without our baby carriers. Yes we have a stroller, but we very rarely use it. It is so much of a hassle to load and unload something so big and heavy just to take your child with you somewhere. Why not just plop them in a babycarrier and go about your business. It is safe, when you do it the RIGHT way. All those carriers they sell at walmart and target, yes they work but are no where near and safe as a wrap or a soft structured carrier. As long as you read the instructions you will be fine. The problem alot of people have with baby carriers saying they arent safe is because they dont know how to use them or just dont wanna learn how to use them.
Look how happy he is in the Back carry! He is so comfy and I wouldnt have it any other way! This Baby Hawk is my  favorite carrier. My next investment is going to be a Ergobaby! :) I love trying new carriers, It is just as addicting as cloth diapers! LOL. I have an awesome mama sending me a Ringsling for a review here soon, Cant wait to try that! All in all, I LOVE baby carriers!
I love telling other soon to be mamas about them and I love showing them the ropes!
Here is Bug in the front carry! Can you see the smirk on his face? 
He stole my sunglasses, I told him I would take them if he didnt put them on, so what did he do? Put them on! LOL. Gotta love kids! 
So have you thought about babywearing lately?
 Where is the oddest place you have worn your baby? 
How long have you worn your baby at one time?
Please feel free to comment and tell me your experience with babywearing. 

We are going to Disney yet again in 10 days and we are going for the Not So Scary Halloween party
where the kids can go trick or treating in their costumes. We will not be bringing a stroller, Only our baby carrier, My sister will be bringing a stroller and we can use that only to carry snacks and the diaper bag. 
I cant wait to carry him around disney in the BabyHawk! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience with babywearing. 


Lisanne said...

We did Disneyland with a Moby this May. It was great :)I have worn my babies everywhere. Hiking across the German/Swiss border, climbing the Eiffel Tower, at Oktoberfest in Munich, on a military cargo plane from Germany to Washington via South Carolina and Texas, and many more. It is the best thing for making my way through crowds and keeping my hands free for my older child.

Jessica said...

My husband and I have been carrying our girls a ton on vacation in California this week. :)

QueenB said...

Thanks for joining Mailbox Monday- I'm email subscribed!!

(Also: I have some cloth giveaways coming the last week of October)

Roxanne Schwandt said...

We LOVE babywearing!!

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