Saturday, October 2, 2010

A great new cloth diaper store! Bippy Diapers!

Bippy Diapers
So I was searching on Craigslist for cloth diapers for cheap and came across this awesome mama who had just opened an online cloth diaper shop in my hometown. She is a local mama to me which made me super excited to want to shop at her store! Unfortunately I have not yet had the honor to buy anything since you all know I have no job BUT when I do have the money I WILL be buying something from her store to help support a local mama! I think its awesome that so many of y'all mamas have the strength and support to own and run your own store!

Anyways I just wanted to let y'all know, There is a new store on the block that sells Cloth Diapers and accessories! 
A little of what she has is
Bum Genius
Lil Joeys
Happy Heinys
Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent
Diaper Sprayers
Whamies Wet bags & Pail Liners
And a few other little things!

About Lora, The Brains behind the Bippy
She is a WAHM with 2 under 2, One Girl, One Boy
She got tired of working for others and decided it was time to do things herself! Now that's a strong Mama! :)
She is very close to my home. She is actually 5 minutes from our old apartment! How crazy is that? We were that close and didn't even know it! 
I have not had the honor to meet her personally because I still don't have a car but I do plan to one day meet this awesome Mama! 
She does free shipping on orders over $50
and also gives a 10% discount for her facebook likers! 

If she doesn't have something that you want you can ask her to try and special order it just for you! 

Please go check out her awesome store and buy something! 
Tell her that I sent you her way also! 
I'm am not receiving any compensation for anything I say here. All opinions are my own, your experience may differ, hopefully for the better, because as of right now my experience thus far has been awesome and Im not even a paying customer YET! 

I Hope you enjoy her store as much as I love drooling over them RAR's! :) 


Simply Stacie said...

Thanks for joining Mailbox Monday! I am your newest email subscriber.

Simply Stacie said...

Thanks for joining Mailbox Monday! I am your newest email subscriber.

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