Monday, July 5, 2010

Where i went for my 2 day getaway with my hubby!

 So he surprised me and we went to Disney World here in Orlando. Yes its only a few hours north of us but we got annual passes now so we can go when ever we want to! We went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot the first day and Animal Kingdom the second day! I had such a great time with my hubby. and i cant wait to go back. We planned to go today but decided to wait until Saturday so we can go to Old Town Too. And i think i may convince him to visit the Cloth diaper shop that's up there. We don't get much time together so this 2 days together was amazing. We got to enjoy a peaceful lunch together ride rides and cuddle. It was AWESOME! Yes I'm a dork when it comes love and my hubby!  
There was this guy with a broom and dustpan on a handle and he was drawing the characters on the ground. It was very cool!
We  watched the Lights Parade which was amazing and i hadn't seen this since i was a little kid so it was nice to remember from way back then! 
 Once we got over to The Animal Kingdom and we watched the Nemo Musical show which we never watched before and i have got to say it was awesome. It was a little odd to see the characters from nemo as people and using puppets but i guess that's why you need imagination right? This is Disney were talking about!

This just about sums up our trip and what a great time we had! I cant wait to do it again. Hopefully this coming Saturday if weather permits but this time Logan and his Nana will be coming with instead of staying home. Going to have tons of fun! I love taking Logan places! 

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