Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry ive been MIA

Like all you other moms ive been busy with life and dealing with family issues trying to figure things out and Guess what? Im going to be enrolling in our community college for the fall semester! So this has also been taking my time away from my blog. I just received my GED/Highschool Diploma! Im super excited. Haven't gotten to celebrate and probably wont but its all good. Im heading in the right direction now right? 

Anyways In the next few days im Going Back to Disney AGAIN! LOL But i PROMISE on Sunday i will be getting up my next 2 giveaways! Hope everyone is ready for it. Going to have tons of extra entries this time around. I Have been meaning to get them up but yet again LIFE gets in the way but i love my blog and these giveaways. They are my ME time that i get NO time for ME! But that is how life as a SAHM is! 

Another thing i need to post was our trip to the ZOO! And i will be putting them up soon too I PROMISE! Got a few great shots! Had a BLAST! 
Please dont hold it against me that i havent posted!
Here is my Bug last night up late like usual! He is so cute and has gotten so big! I miss the baby days! But i LOVE the toddler days for sure!

These are some from way back when he was little little, Maybe 6-8 months old? I cant even remember! Thats why we have pics right? I wish i could remember every little thing that has happened since he was born!! :( Cant wait to have another!

1 comment:

Mandee said...

How cute!!!
Great giveaways you have going on!
I'm thinking about maybe coming up with a weekly giveaway linky on my site. I'll let you know if I come up with one!
Thanks! :)

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