Monday, June 28, 2010

Outta town for 2 days

Ok so the hubby suprised me and decided to take me outta town for 2 days kid free! As much as i will miss my silly bug it is a much needed getaway. And i still dont know where we will be but once i get back i will let everyone know. :D

So today sucked because i had to hand wash my WHOLE stash of diapers because of that darling mother in law i talked about in my last post, well she kinda decided to sell the washer and dryer when she moved out and left us with nothing! Did i mention how much i despise her!? Like seriously? AND NOW we get to go to HER NEW home to do our laundry! VERY frustrating! You cant even imagine. AND she is still using this house to store stuff. Our closet is full of her clothes! So we cant even put our clothes in our closet in the bedroom were using. 
Anyways Im looking forward to having my hubby time! Cant wait. :D 
Until tomorrow or whenever i get back on LATER! ^_^   Enjoy your week! 


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