Saturday, June 26, 2010

My First Blog Post

Please bear with me as i have never done this before! I would like to introduce myself, My Name is Kasey. I have a 17 month old son named Logan, and an amazing fiancee' named Josh. I am a very happy Stay at home mother to Logan and It is the best thing to ever happen to me. Josh works alot and we don't get to see much of him. He is a manager at a movie theater which yes i admit has its perks of free movies soda and popcorn whenever i want BUT it does take away from his home life. He is gone 5 days out of the week most days he leaves at 10 am and is home at 11pm or later. The two days he has off we still dont get much time together because hes tired and wants to sleep or he has to do something for his dear old mommy (whom i cant stand BTW!) 
I am trying to get into being a natural and crunchy mama, we cloth diaper Logan (or should i say I, since Josh hasn't changed a diaper in over 4 months, not his fault though) I am very proud to say we havent used paper towels in our home in over 3 years. ^_^
I try to convince Josh to do things more natural and hes starting to get the hang of it. 
I have also gotten some local friends and family to help out with staying natural. 

As far as parenting goes im a natural, crunchy, babywearing, attatchment parenting co-sleeping non spanking, Lovin mama! What more could a kid ask for!? We would still be breastfeeding if only i had not gotten severe PPD at 3 months PP to add to my non medicated BiPolar disorder that i was diagnosed with at 13 years old. 

Well this is just a little bit about me, Looking forward to meeting other mamas and daddies like me who all want the best for our children. 

Kasey (Soon to be Goodnough)

Above is a picture of Josh And Logan 
Below is a picture of Me and my Silly Bug

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